There are moments in all of our lives where we will come across bitching in some guise; sharp, sly and hurtful comments that can cut you to the core. Is this a trait only shown in women? Unfortunately I think not - though females do appear to have the upper hand when it comes to frequency and choice of words. I have witnessed bitchiness on many occasions and have been totally amazed at the things I have heard and seen, sadly to the extent that it can often take my breath away. However, that said, I am lucky in that I have a handful of exceptionally close friends, and I can honestly say for us, bitching is never necessary.
I am also amazed at the way I personally deal with bitchy comments - half of the time I don’t notice them until afterward when rethinking a scenario, or invariably when someone else points them out to me or when others are offended on my behalf. Do I do anything about bitchy comments or actions that I do spot? Of course not, I just let them go and do not rise to the bait. I remain unconvinced this is the right way, has my backbone disappeared for good or is it simply the case that I just can’t be bothered - OR probably more like it - if I do say something, then ultimately I fear I will be the butt of the next round of cutting comments, whether within my hearing range or as soon as I have nipped to the loo.